This Doomsday Prepper Show is Hilarious

Publisert 8. juni. 2021
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  • major dwight schrute vibes

  • Lol Cody, Mike Douglas was fired from my school years ago, I still have no idea why this production picked him up

  • the last guy is ron swanson

  • of course this soyboy blindly buys into all this covid nonsense. he can’t even tell febreeze and lysol apart.

  • Everyone called Donna crazy but they rued the day in 2020. When she was right!

  • 12:33 missed an opportunity to say stic-ma

  • "They'll fucking peck your dick off" -Cody Ko, 2021

  • Research rabbit hole = RHR🤨

  • As always, the cameraman is invisible and invincible.

  • Imagine just prepping your whole life for the end kinda sad

  • “Survivor Jane “

  • As someone who’s studied The Walking Dead….you don’t want a gun in the apocalypse 😉🧟‍♂️

  • I thought the manbun looked good rip

  • the big ed reference has me dead

  • I hope Codys feelings aren't actually hurt by the hair comments, ill fight this whole comment section :/

  • Did u really break something at the end lol

  • Yeah I mean, you can spend all your money and your whole life preparing for a catastrophe which might never occur. It's worth considering is it all worth it. How many such catastrophes have happened during the last say 100 years. And the thing is, you never know are you preparing for the right type of event, probably not. And still despite of all the preparing you might die when you least expect it, say, getting hit by a car while popping into a store. It's better to enjoy life and accept the minuscule chance that a major catastrophe hits during our lifetime.

  • He’s surprised about that lady saying the pandemic was going to happen when bill gates already said it was going to happen in 2015 . He literally did a whole red talk 😭

  • Cody never feel bad about yourself you’re a gorgeous man and Kelsey is lucky to have you I love all your videos and people are just jealous of your success keep on keeping on love ya🙏😇

  • I’d like to imagine in 2019 she got over her fear and got rid of all of her pandemic stuff…

  • 2:46

  • cody said 'research rabbit hole, an RHR' no bruh that would be a RRH

  • omg at the end tho

  • I bet in 2019 Donna was like “ok guys, let’s throw all this stuff away. Obviously a pandemic isn’t coming”

    • Don't sell yourself short Cody, a funny man in the apocalypse will help the spirits of there group

  • The fucking end 😂

  • These people are literally "Stay Safe" personified 😂😷🤦‍♀️🧻☢☣

  • 2:46 “Burning Gays”

  • Cody ,,,, when would you have ppl over for dinner....?? HAVE U NOT SEEN MOVIES OR TV?? WAlking dead, bird box, clover field lane, eTCETERA




  • he wasn't aware of the power of the mighty throwing lemon

  • Donna is probably sitting at home like "oh how the turn tables"

  • 2:46 what did he just say during PRIDE MONTH??????

  • *Why is nobody talking about the fact that Cody BROKE SOMETHING WITH HIS THROWING LEMON??*


    • im frantically looking through the comments in hopes that he responded to someone with what he broke and this is the FIRST COMMENT TO EVEN MENTION IT????


  • i rather die than use my life savings on stocking up on guns and prepping. idk how they got so much will to live

  • I want to know where Donna was when Covid hit. I bet she was looking out her window and was like "I knew it. And they called me crazy.......CRAZY!? And look at everyone now..muahahahahahhahaha Fools! Fools all of you!"

  • "... A research rabbit hole, and RHR, we call it in the biz..." Cody. Are you okay? That would be a RRH...

  • Don't sell yourself short Cody, a funny man in the apocalypse will help the spirits of there group

  • that guy is Dwight Schrute

  • If I mention Cody, or my mistake..... Big Cody, all I can think of is Big Ed.

    • finally at the right length!😘

  • “I’m not big Ed, I’m big Cody” that’s gonna be my senior quote


  • i just wanna see the mess boy made with his “throwing lemon”

  • Cody ko, can you react to will tennyson?

  • research rabbit hole is actually an "RRH" not an "RHR"...

  • The cameraman just watching the couple choke on their own pepper spray lmaooo

  • Peepers need to move to south where life is just like that

  • do a beatbox reaction... ull see bird sounds isnt the only thing humans can make with there mouth

  • The 2 people making pepper spray *dying* The cameraman *😐*

  • That last guy is like a real life Dwight Schrute lmfaoooo

  • This is one of his most insane videos. We're all thinking the same shit about this that i reacted/audibly said the same shit as cody watching these mfs but the dad pulling out the gun fr made me gasp tho

  • read the title as "doomsday pepper" and ngl would really be interested to see that lol

  • 2:46 Ik he said “burning gaze” but my gay az thought he said “burning gays”- HEKDNDKFJF

  • That last guy gives off major Dwight vibes

  • Did you see Mike majlak on Jeff witteck show? He said they had him on impaulsive and he said a yr and a half before covid happened that China had a virus cooking in the lab. On some things I really think he knows his shit! I mean I don't believe his views on Sandy Hook at all bc I'm from CT. And I know it's real. P.s. You look hott AF with the new hair! It's finally at the right length!😘

  • that dude is a living Dwight Shrute

  • possible rapper names: Lil' Ed, Biggy Codes

    • That last guy is definitely Dwight Schrute in real life

  • 10:20 😂😂😂 All i could think about was that old part from Indiana Jones...

  • RHR? Rabbit Hole Research?

  • An “RHR” a research hole rabbit

  • "A research rabbit hole. An RHR if you will..." Try again, Cody

  • Rock the big ed look though

  • It's not febreeze its Lysol

  • Maybe if pubba prepped like this he wouldn't ha-

  • does Cody know that they'd keep him around as the court jester in the apocalypse?

  • Throwing lemon as strong as a elephant

  • “Her and Bill Gates” damn Cody lmao 😬

  • I think it’s interesting that the pandemic lady had a plan to survive by just…keeping safe, but like the other dude’s entire prep method was just getting ready all these different ways to kill people lol

  • RHR: Research Habbit Role

  • The pandemic lady is still just as goofy

  • so did you fr break something or not?

  • That last guy is definitely Dwight Schrute in real life

  • Old wealthy boomers hoarding useless things

  • Imagine them using the wrong spice and killing their whole family... why would they keep a deadly spice in their spice rack?

  • History repeats itself, it's just a fact. There have been many pandemic's yet here we are.

  • Survivor jane is my homeboi

  • can u plz make videos on udy

    • "Throw kids against the wall" - Cody

  • this outdoor man is literally just dwight schrute irl

  • I thought it was Rainn Wilson in the thumbnail

  • I'm prepared for the end are you, Jesus is Lord

  • You look like Trevor Lawrence

  • why is literally no one talking about the fact that cody broke something🧍‍♀️

  • 2:45 "if you only knew that burning gays right into the camera"

  • dwight schrute vibes

  • I hope she was selling her kits. That's a good comeup.

  • 2:46 😳yo

  • “Here’s a throwing lemon” *throws an orange*

  • Agree with narrator about the throwing axe vs a rifle. But martial arts, plus axes, plus a shotgun, plus a rifle? You are ready for most things.

  • Making your own pepper spray, in your unventilated kitchen. 😭 You can buy this stuff for about ten bucks per spray bottle. Cases of the bought spray are cheaper and far more preferred than fogging up your own kitchen and nearly chocking to death ☠️ in your stupid masks. That said: maybe if the apocalypse comes they already know how to make this stuff. And they know to make it outside.

  • I think that woman probably feels worse. Imagine if someone she knows has died. She will feel like she knew it was going to happen and did not manage to get them to belive her. :(

  • Unfortunately this guy is kinda putting his kids in danger because if they ever try to fight someone with a gun they're fucking dead.

  • "Throw kids against the wall" - Cody

  • Why was the cameraman unaffected by the pepper? Seems fishy.

  • The entire premise of the show was to discredit people who believe in self sufficiency. So they picked the most over the top people they could find to show being prepared equals being crazy. Everyone knows the government will take care of you and keep you "safe" right?

  • the prageru ads on this video: the country is getting sicker and sicker

  • Cody your hair looks amazing.

  • Legend has it since Jeff Wittek gave Cody a haircut he’s been traumatized and has not gotten another cut since

  • What do you want to bet that she’s actually a Covid denier now?

  • ok big cody

  • Michael is like a real life Dwight Schrute