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CODY KO is an actor/comedian/NOwiner/podcaster/SoundCloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on NOwine, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.


11:13The Wildest Etsy Products (pt 2)
The Wildest Etsy Products (pt 2)Ganger 1,2 mill15 timer siden
25:42COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth 2
COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth 2Ganger 2,1 mill15 timer siden
23:12The Cringiest Dhar Mann Copycat
The Cringiest Dhar Mann CopycatGanger 1,9 mill7 dager siden
15:53This Doomsday Prepper Show is Hilarious
This Doomsday Prepper Show is HilariousGanger 1,9 mill7 dager siden
31:41COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth
COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of TruthGanger 3,1 mill14 dager siden
15:47Strangers Guess Each Other's Body Count
Strangers Guess Each Other's Body CountGanger 2,6 mill14 dager siden
9:19The influencer scams are getting worse...
The influencer scams are getting worse...Ganger 1,6 mill14 dager siden
13:55The Best Smelling Influencer
The Best Smelling InfluencerGanger 1,6 mill21 dag siden
9:14The Weirdest Etsy Listings
The Weirdest Etsy ListingsGanger 1,6 mill21 dag siden
11:12The new influencer scam
The new influencer scamGanger 1,8 mill21 dag siden
16:48Luxury Apocalypse Bunkers??
Luxury Apocalypse Bunkers??Ganger 1,9 mill28 dager siden
15:15Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink
Parents & Kids Play Truth or DrinkGanger 2 millMåned siden
15:39The WORST Hotel Room In The World
The WORST Hotel Room In The WorldGanger 2,7 millMåned siden
10:17The Hero Tik Tok Needs
The Hero Tik Tok NeedsGanger 2 millMåned siden
13:41Siblings Look Through Each other's Phones
20:57The Most Insane House Tour
The Most Insane House TourGanger 3 millMåned siden
11:28World's Spiciest Tik Toks
World's Spiciest Tik ToksGanger 2 millMåned siden
15:32Parents Go Through Their Kid's Phone
Parents Go Through Their Kid's PhoneGanger 3,5 mill2 måneder siden
10:30Siblings or Dating???
Siblings or Dating???Ganger 2,7 mill2 måneder siden
10:04My New Favorite Hobby
My New Favorite HobbyGanger 1,7 mill2 måneder siden
17:11Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's Phones
Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's PhonesGanger 3,1 mill2 måneder siden
0:10whoa so cool lol
whoa so cool lolGanger 2,1 mill2 måneder siden
16:08My Girlfriend Acts Like A Dog - And I Love It???
13:33Parents Guess What Naughty Items Their Kids Own
21:41Family Vlogs Weird Me Out
Family Vlogs Weird Me OutGanger 3,6 mill3 måneder siden
12:07Awkward Divorce Drinking Game
Awkward Divorce Drinking GameGanger 3,2 mill3 måneder siden
12:49America's Next Top Influencer
America's Next Top InfluencerGanger 2,9 mill4 måneder siden
16:22Deli Meat Tier List
Deli Meat Tier ListGanger 1,3 mill4 måneder siden
18:177 Millennials Decide Who Gets $1000
7 Millennials Decide Who Gets $1000Ganger 3,2 mill4 måneder siden
15:47Pickup artists in the wild
Pickup artists in the wildGanger 2,9 mill4 måneder siden


  • I’ve watched this a million times, do one where you actually paint

  • First Ludwig now Scott Cramer?😩

  • PLEASE cody leave all the etsy links in the description. i would very much like to purchase the mouse as well as derek. thank you

  • This video isn’t funny because of the Etsy content, it’s funny because it’s really starting to show how basic and vanilla Cody is

  • This was incredible!

  • I always heard the instrumental at the end of the cody ko videos and its cool hearing noel flow over it

  • Censoring swear words now?

  • This is the best Video on the Internet 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Anyone know where that sweet ass t shirt is from?

  • 9:25 We found it, boys.


  • I actually unironically love all of these. Thanks for introducing me to things I didn't know I needed!

  • Please give credit to scott

  • Please give credit to Scott

  • Lol Cody, Mike Douglas was fired from my school years ago, I still have no idea why this production picked him up

  • i cant be the only one who thought the house itself had a few cool things until he started talking about urinal cameras, right? like an anatomically accurate giraffe structure is such a random thing to have but also kinda dope

  • Gym tan laundry reference from Jersey shore 😂

  • 11:15

  • I do realize it's not relevant at all, but I have to say it. THE HUSBAND IS HOTTER.

  • thousandth time watching this video and I never realized that there's a girl moaning at the end when they're both pretending to sleep

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  • PLEASE STOP putting Kelsey in your videos. If she keeps looking so fine I’m gonna have to fly over to Cali just to steal your girl Cody.

  • Is everyone going to ignore the glitching in the video?

  • That is all there is today, shallow people being copies of copies.

  • as a lesbian i agreee with 5:17 zthis gal is wild

  • Does anyone else notice how kelsey looks at cody up and down when he's talking? Like truly a look of pure love it's so CUTE

  • this show is literally a black mirror episode

  • the last guy is ron swanson

  • You should react to Dhar Manns video “guy fat shames girlfriend at restaurant “ I was DY-ING and imagining what your commentary would be.

  • 9:25 ew dudu wtf

  • I thought the best friend's name was Puerto Rico not brain does not work 🤦🏾‍♀️😶

  • Do the contestants not realise they can lie, its a polygraph test, which aren't even close to being accurate. Just remember which answer you gave in the test and repeat it in the show and you'll win!

  • she looks like a female version of eminem

  • 20:58 The dad taking his son-in-law's hand kills me 😂😂💀

  • 9:30 This guy mentioned that his parents took him to see "SAI BABA" in India dude SAI BABA died in 1918 , I think he is high on something 🙄😂

  • The 100mil guy’s name translated to English is ‘Jack Cabbage’ so he was probably already mad about that

  • I’m literally 6:04 in and can’t stop laughing at their jokes 😂😂

  • i was in a gameshow audience before, they record the audience applauding or booing in isolation before the show starts, so they can insert it if for some reason they don't want to use the actual audience reaction in the moment, so part of me hopes the audience wasn't actually this happy about these answers

  • 6:11 u didnt edit it all out

  • If only this was "that's cringe", we need that noel savagery

  • Kelsey look like a whole damn shnacky bar

  • It's a pretty shit first date

  • The romantic gold immediately drag because vision muhly guess alongside a early kitty. possessive, numberless parcel

  • Cody's hair looks amazing i will not condone any slander

  • This was just her way of saying she wants a divorce... Lmao

  • white boy summer


  • 9:23

  • Someone show this man dinner for schmucks

  • Damn Cody is really not funny without noel

  • Noel🥵🔥🥰

  • the birth of a legend

  • *merch link in bioooooo*

  • This was a sad sad day

  • I just realised I haven't laughed at NOwine in awhile then I found Cody

  • Dude, seriously, credit Scott Cramer, our guy is doing an awesome job and deserve the attention. It's impossible that you "didn't notice" that you're using the same ideas as he has been for the past few months. Like, come on, man, you used to be so much better than this!

  • BARS

  • My man you are too straight for this side of etsy lol

  • A human penis shaped wall hook came up on my recommendations when I was searching for...baskets, whicker baskets i- it had pubes

  • ahhh..... Now I can sleep peacefully 😌😌😌


  • 😂😂😂😂

  • oh GOD

  • ♥️♥️♥️

  • You just not gonna show the inside of those bunkers at the end

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  • ♥️♥️♥️

  • 9:25 where the iconic meme starts

  • I wish there was maybe some elaboration offered on the dude LOL like. Did he just choose to not eat it or is there an actual reason. I have sensory disorders and have not tried most vegetables and can't eat most meats, and just generally have a pretty bad panic response when trying foods very unfamiliar to me. Is that the case w him or is he just like lawl I don't really wanna eat fruit n veggie. I wouldn't make a whole vid about it but it genuinely does feel like an achievment when I can try something very new, it's obviously irrational I'm very well aware but trying new foods feels like facing death because of my mental state lol. idk if he was just different or if they made a mentally ill dude look like an idiot

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  • I know that im late, but look in the right hans corner. The Wind logo from Avatar

  • please stop making these videos because it gives boring people access to things that actual funny people want to buy

  • Get The Fuck Outta My House

  • lol can we be clear that flashing is bad no matter who does it

  • I was only paying attention to Noel with the pupper and had to restart to actually listen the second time around 😂😅

  • I want Cody's shirt 😤